NEW 5D Sandcastle Crystal Diamond Painting Partial Drill Kit 40cm x 50cm (canvas size)

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NEW 5D Sandcastle Crystal Special Shaped Diamond Painting Partial Kit


Canvas size - 40cm x 50cms

It is a PARTIAL crystal special shape drill painting so drills are NOT all over

Kit Includes:

* Printed Canvas

* Faceted Crystal Special Shaped Drills (place on sticky canvas as per symbols & gridlines to correspond with the correct drill)

* Pen with Bees wax to pick up tiles (you peel the plastic off red square & insert end of pen to get wax. You then use this to pick up drills)

* Tray to Hold Tiles

Lots of hours of fun. Very relaxing & great to do on a rainy day.

NOTE: Only peel back enough of the paper for the section you are working on.  DO NOT pull off all the protective cover from the sticky picture surface.